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Mccoke   |2008-09-22
I've listed a red velvet flocked Coke bottle on Ebay and my wife insists
that it's worth more than the price I'm asking.
Ebay Item number:
Here's all I know about it:

Christmas Gift from Coca Cola to
their license holders. Limited number distributed in 2003 and never
Real glass coke bottle with red velvet flocking. In new condition.
In original plastic package. Text on package 50's icon of generations.
by Imaginarium

DianaM  - 20" glass display bottle   |2008-11-08
I need to list for sale on eBay a 20 inch glass Coca Cola display bottle I
bought right at Coca Cola headquarters in Atlanta in 1977. Can you
give me a ballpark figure or its value?
talib   |2008-12-13
the red leabel coke bottle from eygpt it writen on cap & anther one are
use in many arab countreis befor 4 years back.


from UAE.
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