Sprite Golden Anniversary Print

As the world celebrates 125 Years of Coca-Cola with Atlanta, I am celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Sprite with the world.  For 50 years, the green bottle with dimples has refreshed the world with smiles.  As Coca-Cola's number two brand globally, Sprite is available in over 190 countries around the world.  Sprite is the number one soft drink in China and the number two in India, ahead of Coca-Cola.

Come join me and 100 other members of the Sprite family celebrate 50 years of Sprite (1961-2011) at the Sprite Summer Golden Jubilee at the Los Altos, California Main Library from July 1 - 31, 2011.  Appearing in the main showcase are one-gallon Sprite fountain syrup bottles from the 1960s, Sprite one-pint and eight-ounce dimpled bottles from 1970s-2000s and the latest 251-ml aluminum bottles.  Fifty-five aluminum and steel Sprite cans from five continents are displayed in the wall display cases featuring the Sydney 2000 Dream Team USA, four-time Olympic Diving Gold Medalist Fu Mingxia, global Mandopop senstation JJ Lin, and Disney's Goofy and Donald Duck.  Delegates from 50 cities and 16 countries are represented at the Sprite 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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