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1873.07.07 Asa Candler arrived in Atlanta to become a druggist.
1886 Drink Coca-Cola
1886.03.29 John Styth Pemberton's concoction was sold for the first time, marketed as an "Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage".
1886.05.08 John Pemberton's drink became known as Coca-Cola.
1886.05.29 First Coca-Cola ad appeared in the Atlanta Journal.
1887.04.01 Woolfolk Walker signed up as the first salesman for Pemberton Chemical to sell products including Coca-Cola syrup.
1887.06.06 John Pemberton filed application to register the label of "Coca-Cola Syrup & Extract" with the US Patent Office.
1887.06.28 Pemberton's "Coca-Cola Syrup & Extract" registered trademark was granted.
1887.07.08 George Lowndes and Willis Venable signed contract with Pemberton for a controlling interest of Coca-Cola.
1887.12.14 Woolfolk Walker bought Lowndes's two-third share of Coca-Cola for $1200.
1888 Asa G. Candler purchased Coca-Cola after Pemberton's death.
1888.08.16 Pemberton died at age 57 of enteritis.
1889.12.06 Robert W Woodruff was born.
1891.04.13 Complete control of Coca-Cola bought by Candler for $2300.
1892.01.29 The Coca-Cola Company formed by Candler, et.al.
1893.01.31 The trademark "Coca-Cola" first registered with the U.S. patent office.
1894 First outdoor sign advertising "Coca-Cola" painted in Cartersville, Georgia.
1894.03.12 Joseph A. Biedenharn of Vicksburg, Mississippi, first to bottle Coca-Cola using Hutchinson stopper-type glass bottles.
1895 Coca-Cola sold in every state and territory in the United States.
1899 First bottling plant opened in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
1899.07.21 Thomas and Whitehead signed contract with Candler to bottle and distribute Coca-Cola.
1903.03.17 The Coca-Cola Gum Co. was chartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
1904 Delicious and Refreshing
1905 Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains
1905 Straight-sided crown-top bottles used for bottling Coca-Cola.
1906 The Great National Temperance
1908 Good to the last drop
1909.01 The first convention of bottling plant owners and managers was held in Atlanta.
1909.04 The Coca-Cola Bottler magazine began publication.
1915 Chapman Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana created a contour Coca-Cola bottle, based on a drawing of a coca bean.
1915.11.16 The Root hobbleskirt or contour glass bottle was first patented
1916 The 6.5 oz. contour bottle was approved as a standard by bottlers
1916.05.22 The US Supreme Court reversed Judge Sanford's decision on all counts in the Chattanooga case against Coca-Cola.
1917 Three Million a Day
1917 BOTTLE PAT'D. NOV 16 1915 contour bottles in production until 1928.
1917.04.17 Sugar, the main ingredient in Coca-Cola, was rationed because of the American war effort.
1919.09.05 The Coca-Cola Company first incorporated in Delaware.
1919.09.12 The Coca-Cola Company was sold by Candler to Ernest Woodruff's investment group for $25 million
1920.12.06 Justice Oliver Wendell Homes handed down the decision of Supreme Court, which upheld trademark violations for The Coca-Cola Company against The Koke Company of America.
1921.01 The Red Barrel magazine began publication.
1922 Thirst Knows no season
1923 The Coca-Cola Company was incorporated in Delaware.
1923.03 The six-bottle cardboard carton was introduced.
1923.04.29 Robert Winship Woodruff became President of The Coca-Cola Company.
1923.12.25 The Root contour glass bottle patent was renewed.
1925 Six million a day
1926.10.23 Export Bottle label was registered as a trademark.
1927 Around the corner from everywhere
1928 BOTTLE PAT'D. DEC 25 1923 contour bottles, a.k.a. "Christmas bottles" in production until 1938.
1929 The bell-shaped fountain glass was adopted as standard.
1929 The pause that refreshes
1931.11.18 Roberto Goizueta was born in Havana, Cuba.
1931.12 The first Haddon Sundblom Santa Claus appeared.
1932 Ice-cold sunshine
1933 First automatic fountain dispenser was test marketed at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago.
1933.04 First National Geographic issue Vol 63, No. 4 with full page color Coca-Cola advertisement.
1934.01 The Westinghouse Cooler was shown at Bottlers convention.
1935.12.12 Coca-Cola acquired parent bottler Western Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
1936.05 Coca-Cola celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
1938 The best friend thirst ever had
1938 BOTTLE PAT. D-105529 contour bottles, a.k.a. "Patent-D bottles" in production until 1951.
1938.07.17 The Coca-Cola Company won its trademark infringement case against Pepsi in Canada.
1938.10.12 Coca-Cola first bottled in Curacao by Curacao Beverage Bottling Co. NV
1939 Coca-Cola goes along
1940 Fanta introduced in Germany.
1940 Coca-Cola was bottled in more than 45 countries.
1941.06 Coke first used in magazine advertisement.
1941.12.10 Coke first appeared on bottle
1942 Wherever you are, whatever you do, whereever you may be, when you think of refreshment, think of ice-cold Coca-Cola
1942 The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. It's the real thing
1942 Sprite Boy created by Haddon Sundblom was first used in promotion.
1943.06.29 "General Dwight D. Eisenhower sent a telegram requesting 10 "Coca-Cola" bottling plants for the troops overseas."
1944.07.12 First billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1945 Coke was registered as a trademark with the US Patent Office.
1946 Minute Maid frozen orange juice concentrate was introduced.
1946.07 The Award Winning "Yes" poster debut.
1948 Where there's Coke there's hospitality
1948 Hi-C introduced.
1949 Coca-Cola ... along the highway to anywhere
1950.11 Coca-Cola sponsored its first television program starring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.
1951 US PATENT OFFICE/MIN CONTENTS 6 FL OZ contour bottles in production until 1958.
1951.05.15 Time Magazine issue featured Coca-Cola on the cover.
1951.06.10 Coca-Cola sponsored "The Mario Lanza Show" on radio.
1952 What you want is a Coke
1952.05.18 Coca-Cola first bottled in Malta by General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd.
1953.04.09 Second billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1953.04.29 Coke Time with Eddie Fisher debuted on the NBC television network.
1954.07.04 Roberto Goizueta joined Coca-Cola in Havana, Cuba.
1955 King- and family-size bottles were introduced.
1955 Flat-topped all steel Coca-Cola cans were produced for overseas U.S. military until 1959.
1955.01.01 Robert W. Woodruff retired as an officer of The Coca-Cola Company.
1956 Coca-Cola ... making good things taste better
1957 Sign of good taste
1958 The cold, crisp taste of Coke
1958 US PATENT OFFICE/MIN CONTENTS 6 1/2 FL OZ contour bottles in production until 1965.
1958.08 Fanta was first test-marketed in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.
1959 Be Really refreshed
1959.05 Third billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1960 12-oz. "diamond" cans were introduced.
1960 Fanta was introduced.
1960 Coca-Cola purchased Minute Maid Corporation.
1960.04.12 The contour bottle shape was patented.
1960.10.14 The "Dynamic Ribbon Device" was introduced at the Bottlers Convention.
1961.02.01 Sprite was introduced.
1961.10.09 Coca-Cola began its 75th Anniversary celebration.
1963 TaB was introduced.
1963 Things go better with Coke
1963.06.06 Fourth billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1964.05.08 The Coca-Cola Company and Duncan Food Company merger became effective.
1966 fifth billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1967.08.7 The Coca-Cola Company Foods division formed from Minute Maid Company and Duncan Foods.
1968.01.23 Simba introduced in the US.
1968.03.01 Coca-Cola USA, a division of The Coca-Cola Company, was organized.
1968.05 Frozen Coca-Cola was introduced.
1969 Santiba was introduced in the US.
1969.01 Sixth billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1970 It's the Real Thing
1971 I'd like to buy the world a Coke
1971.01 Seventh billionth gallons of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured.
1972 Mr. Pibb was introduced.
1973 RainTree was test marketed.
1974 Sugar-free Sprite was introduced.
1975 Look up America
1975 Georgia Coffee was introduced in Japan.
1976.05.11 Coke adds life
1977 The contour bottle design trademark was granted by the U.S. Patent Office.
1978 Plastic PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles were introduced.
1979 Mello Yello and Ramblin' root beer were introduced.
1979 Coca-Cola re-entered into China.
1979.03.30 Ramblin' Root Beer introduced.
1979.06.13 Have a coke and a smile
1980.05 Roberto Goizueta became president of Coca-Cola.
1981.03 Roberto Goizueta became chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola.
1982.01 Coca-Cola purchased Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
1982.02.04 Coke is it!
1982.07.09 Diet Coke was introduced.
1983 Caffeine-free Coca-Cola, diet Coke, TaB were introduced.
1983 Sugar-free Sprite renamed diet Sprite.
1983.08 Coca-Cola sold its wine business.
1984 Diet Fanta was introduced.
1985 Cherry Coke, Coca-Cola with a new taste and Coca-Cola classic were introduced.
1985 We've got a Taste for You (Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola classic) America's Real Choice.
1985.04.23 New Coke was introduced.
1985.07.10 Coca-Cola Classic was introduced.
1985.07.31 Coca-Cola became the first soft drink consumed in space aboard the space shuttle Challenger.
1985.10 Plastic cans were test marketed.
1986 Catch the wave (Coca-Cola) Red White & You (Coca-Cola classic).
1986 Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. was formed from existing and acquired bottling operations.
1986.05 Coca-Cola celebrated its 100th Anniversary.
1986.11 Coca-Cola Enterprises was spun off from the Coca-Cola Company.
1987 Minute Maid brand soft drinks were introduced.
1987 Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. formed from Columbia and Tristar Pictures.
1988.03 Warren Buffett disclosed that he owned 7.7% of Coca-Cola.
1989 Diet Mello Yello was introduced.
1989 Can't Beat the Feeling
1989.09 Coca-Cola sold Columbia Pictures to Sony.
1989.11 Coca-Cola began its operations into eastern Europe and after the fall of Berlin Wall.
1990 Caffeine-free Coca-Cola classic and Powerade introduced.
1990 Can't beat the Real Thing
1990.08.03 World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta opened.
1991 Blend of recycled and virgin plastic bottles were introduced.
1992 New Coke renamed Coke II.
1992 More than 685 million servings of all Coca-Cola products were consumed per day worldwide.
1992 506 million 8-oz. servings of Coca-Cola brand soft drinks were consumed per day worldwide.
1992 Coca-Cola was available in 195 countries and territories and appeared in more than 80 languages.
1993 Taste It All
1993 20-oz contour PET plastic bottle was introduced.
1993.01 Coca-Cola worldwide unit case volume exceeded 10 billion cases.
1993.01 TaB Clear was introduced.
1993.02 Always Coca-Cola
1993.10.23 Coca-Cola reintroduced in India, after a 16-year absence.
1994 Fruitopia was introduced.
1994.06 Play Red Hot Summer promotion.
1994.07 Douglas Ivester became president and COO of Coca-Cola.
1995.06 Play Red Hot Summer Again promotion.
1995.08.02 Coca-Cola completes its acquisition of Barq's Inc.
1996.06 Play Red Hot Olympic Summer promotion
1996.08 Coca-Cola purchased Venezuela bottler.
1996.09 Play NFL Red Zone promotion.
1997 0.5 liter contour PET plastic bottle was introduced.
1997.01 Surge was introduced.
1997.01 Citra was introduced.
1997.01 Always Coca-Cola Classic without the white ribbon logo introduced.
1997.03 Contour-shaped aluminum cans test-marketed in Terre Haute, Indiana and four other cities in the U.S.
1997.06 Coca-Cola Incredible Summer
1997.07.08 World of Coca-Cola in Las Vegas opened.
1997.10.18 CEO Roberto C. Goizueta died at age 65 in Atlanta, Georgia.
1997.10.23 M. Douglas Ivester became the 10th Chairman of the board.
1998.05 1998 "Coca-Cola Card" promotion
1998.12.11 Coca-Cola bought Cadbury Schweppes' non-US beverage business in 155 countries.
1999.05 1999 "Coca-Cola Card" promotion
1999.06 Coca-Cola Red Hot Summer Days promotion.
1999.11 KMX, a citrus-flavored energy drink, was introduced in the US.
2000.01 Enjoy Coca-Cola
2000.01.19 Mary Minnick named president of Coca-Cola Japan.
2000.01.26 Coca-Cola announced 600 job cuts - largest layoff in its 113-year history.
2000.02 Coca-Cola released new 8 oz embossed contour glass bottles in North America.
2000.02.17 Doug Daft became the 11th Chairman of the board.
2000.03.05 World of Coca-Cola Las Vegas Museum closed.
2000.03.19 Coca-Cola Fifth Avenue Store closed.
2000.04 Everything Coca-Cola store in Tokyo opened.
2000.05.03 Coca-Cola and AOL signed multi-year global strategic marketing alliance.
2000.05.17 Coca-Cola Marconi signed multi-year soft drink vending alliance agreement.
2000.06 Coca-Cola Discover Can $1 million promotion
2000.06.26 Coca-Cola website e-mail down from June 26 to June 29, 2000.
2000.07.03 Former Coca-Cola executive Vincente Fox elected president of Mexico.
2000.07.07 Coca-Cola Beverages and Hellenic Bottling merger approved by Athens Stock Exchange.
2000.07.17 Coca-Cola Online Store coca-colastore.com opened.
2000.07.24 Coca-Cola China website launched.
2000.09.19 Federal Judge Loretta Preska dismissed Pepsi's lawsuit against Coca-Cola on fountain-dispensed market monopoly.
2000.10.02 Coca-Cola Brazil's bottler executive Miguel Alarcon became head of Kaiser Beer Company.
2000.10.04 Coca-Cola brought Paraguay Refrescos.
2000.10.11 Coca-Cola announced all company employees to attend an annual diversity training course.
2000.10.23 Former Coca-Cola President and CEO Don Keough returned to Coca-Cola as adviser to Douglas Daft.
2000.10.30 Coca-Cola lost bid for Sobe to Pepsico.
2000.10.31 Coca-Cola launched new job website - coca-colaoncampus.com
2000.11.16 Coca-Cola settled class action discrimination lawsuit for $188 million.
2000.11.22 Coca-Cola decided to no pursue the bid for Quaker Oats Company's Gatorade.
2000.12.01 Coca-Cola donated its entire collection of television commercials to Library of Congress.
2001.01.06 Qoo launched in Germany.
2001.01.10 Coca-Cola New Music Award added to the annual American Music Awards.
2001.01.30 Coca-Cola and Nestle formed Beverage Partners Worldwide joint-venture based in Zurich.
2001.02 Senzao launched in Mexico.
2001.02.18 Coca-Cola Racing Family driver Dale Earnhardt died in crash in Daytona 500.
2001.02.21 Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble formed global joint venture to produce beveage and snacks.
2001.03 Wannabe flavored water introduced in Korea.
2001.03.04 Coca-Cola President and COO Jack Stahl resigned.
2001.03.07 Alexander B Cummings Jr became President of Coca-Cola Africa Group.
2001.03.07 Steven J Heyer became President of Coca-Cola's Business Venture Unit.
2001.03.15 Simply Orange introduced.
2001.03.20 Coca-Cola Fizzion created to provide seed funding for start up companies.
2001.03.30 Coca-Cola signed Christina Aguilera for ad campaign.
2001.04 Manzana Mia introduced in southern California.
2001.04.05 Coca-Cola opened third bottling plant in Mozambique located in Nampula.
2001.04.11 Fanta is re-introduced in the US.
2001.04.20 Life Tastes Good
2001.04.25 Coca-Cola launched new website with "Life Tastes Good" campaign.
2001.04.27 Coca-Cola offered limited edition collectibles on eBay from April 27 through May 7.
2001.04.30 Coca-Cola Enterprises bought Herb Coca-Cola for $1.4 billion.
2001.05 Hit Parchita, passion-fruit flavored soda, introduced in Venezuela.
2001.05.02 Minute Maid Lemonade sold in new PET bottle and cans.
2001.05.11 Coca-Cola bought Mad River Traders.
2001.05.18 Treat Yourself Well. Everyday campaign for DASANI.
2001.05.21 Coca-Cola introduced iFountain.
2001.05.28 Coca-Cola recalled Pomelo in Belgium.
2001.06.01 Coca-Cola bought Linnuse Kali brand of kvass from Estonian Osel Food.
2001.07.14 Coca-Cola Singapore introduced Heaven and Earth Imperial Orchid Tea.
2001.07.17 Coca-Cola Enterprises announced 2000 job cuts in North America.
2001.08 Juggy juices introduced in Singapore.
2001.08.16 Coca-Cola bought the original 1931 Barefoot Boy painting by Normal Rockwell.
2001.09 Diet Coke with Lemon introduced.
2001.10.08 Coca-Cola announced US$150 million ad campaign for "Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone".
2001.10.22 Coca-Cola plant in Atmakuru, India bombed by Maoist rebels.
2001.10.25 Coca-Cola hired Ogilvy & Mather to revamp Sprite ads.
2001.10.31 Coca-Cola bought Odwalla.
2001.11.02 South African Breweries (SAB) bought Coca-Cola Bottling Luanda (CCBL) in Angola.
2001.11.09 Win Kobe Bryant's Gym Locker Sprite promotion.
2001.11.26 Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co bought Russian bottlers.
2001.12.01 Coca-Cola bottling plant in Nepal bombed by Maoist rebels.
2001.12.05 Coca-Cola hired Muhammad Ali to promote Coca-Cola products worldwide for 2 years.
2002.01.07 SONICblue licensed Coca-Cola to sell Rio brand digital audio players.
2002.01.18 Coca-Cola closed bottling plant in Brasov, Romania.
2002.01.30 Maoist rebels bombed Coca-Cola plant in Nepal for the second time in 2 months.
2002.02 Fanta Apple and Citrus flavors introduced in Brazil.
2002.02.01 Coca-Cola pledged US$100,000 to UNICEF on its unity chain website.
2002.02.06 Coca-Cola lost Blimpie contract to Pepsi.
2002.02.11 Coca-Cola introduced Fanta Blackcurrant in UAE.
2002.03 Fanta Fruity Grapefruit introduced in Japan for limited time.
2002.03 Samurai vitamin carbonated energy drink introduced in Vietnam.
2002.03.25 Coca-Cola lost United Airlines contract to Pepsi.
2002.03.28 Coca-Cola lost NFL sponsorship to Pepsi.
2002.04 Winnie the Pooh Barley Tea introduced in Japan.
2002.04.09 Coca-Cola won Regal Cinema contract from Pepsi.
2002.04.10 Coca-Cola expanded contract with Delta and its SkyTeam airline partners.
2002.04.17 Coca-Cola held its annual shareholder meeting at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
2002.04.25 Coca-Cola began to distibute Danone's Evian water in the US.
2002.05.06 Waffle House offered free Coca-Cola to honor Coca-Cola Founder's day.
2002.05.12 Coca-Cola Patna, Bihar, India plant bombed by Maoist rebels.
2002.05.15 Vanilla Coke introduced.
2002.05.29 COKE brand SP50C CD/MP3 player was released by SONICBlue.
2002.06.01 Coca-Cola launched 2002 FIFA World Cup Game website.
2002.06.05 Sprite Liquid Mix Tour announced.
2002.06.14 MelloYello.com launched.
2002.06.17 Lifetime, Sports, Aquarius website launched by Coca-Cola Japan
2002.07 Fanta Shokata introduced in Romania.
2002.07.02 Coca-Cola Amatil bought Pacific Beverage in Australia.
2002.07.09 Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co bought Valser mineral water in Switzerland.
2002.07.24 Coca-Cola bought Rio Beverages in New Zealand.
2002.07.25 Coca-Cola Femsa introduced 19-liter (5 gallon) jug size water in Mexico.
2002.08 For Everyone advertisement in the US
2002.08.01 Coca-Cola signed exclusive soft drink contract with Six Flags amuseument parks.
2002.09.04 Universal Studios theme parks switched from Pepsi's Tropicana to Coke's Minute Maid juice products.
2002.09.24 Coca-Cola Singapore and 7-Eleven launched Style-a-Coke pilot project.
2002.10 Burn energy drink introduced in Ukraine.
2002.10.20 Diet Vanilla Coke launched.
2002.10.30 Vanilla Coke launched in Europe.
2002.11.05 Coca-Cola lost Cinemex contract to Pepsi in Mexico.
2002.11.12 Dasani NutriWater introduced.
2002.11.13 Coca-Cola introduced George Coffee and Tea in India.
2002.12.23 Coca-Cola Femsa announced plan to acquire Panamco.
2003.01 Coke Light Man contest in Germany.
2003.01.13 Coca-Cola ... Real
2003.01.13 Coca-Cola introduced Bibo in Kenya.
2003.01.17 Panamco Bottling raided by Venezuelan National Guard in Valencia.
2003.01.30 Coca-Cola announced 1000 job cuts in Coca-Cola north american operations.
2003.02 Fanta ... Taste the Flavor of Fun slogan in Thailand.
2003.02 Fanta Blueberry Splash introduced in Thailand.
2003.02.03 Coca-Cola purchased Valpre from SABMiller PLC.
2003.02.03 Coca-Cola purchased Just Juice from SABMiller PLC.
2003.02.04 Coca-Cola Germany announced 900 job cuts.
2003.02.05 BPM energy drink introduced in Ireland.
2003.02.07 Bottling operation launched in Pasakha, Bhutan.
2003.02.17 Marocha 120 Healthy Green Tea debut in Japan.
2003.02.18 Coca-Cola bought Killdara Corp.
2003.03.19 Vanilla Coke introduced in Singapore.
2003.04 Sprite Ice introduced in Canada.
2003.04.01 Coca-Cola National Beverage Company formed in Japan.
2003.04.15 Mint-flavored Sprite Ice introduced in Canada.
2003.04.23 Tropical flavored Sprite Remix launched in the US.
2003.05.15 Powerade released new package for "Matrix Reloaded" movie ad campaign.
2003.05.23 Coca-Cola Foundation donated US$1 million to Edinburgh University.
2003.05.26 Coca-Cola signed contract to bottle Ten Ren tea in Taiwan.
2003.06.03 Dan Palumbo named Chief Marketing Officer for Coca-Cola.
2003.06.04 Beverage Services Kenay (BSK) plant launched in Nairobia, Kenya.
2003.06.13 Barq's Floatz introduced in Biloxi, Mississippi.
2003.06.24 Coca-Cola opened non-carbonated bottling plant in Auburndale, Florida.
2003.06.30 Can't Live Without it Dasani ad campaign.
2003.07 Swerve dairy beverage introduced in the US.
2003.07.07 Coke bottle dress sold for 4,465 Euros at Christie's Auction in Paris.
2003.07.18 Lemon Coke Light introduced in Singapore.
2003.07.29 Quwat Jabal introduced in Oman.
2003.08.12 Coca-Cola paid Burger King $22 million for rigged Coke freeze promotion.
2003.08.21 LeBron James signed on as product spokesperson for Sprite and Powerade.
2003.09.30 New Coca-Cola electronic billboard unveiled at the Piccadilly Cirucus in London.
2003.10.02 Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co bought Multivita water in Poland.
2003.10.11 Fanta Lominat introduced in Ethiopia.
2003.11 Coca-Cola Amatil promotion with GPS mobile phone in Coke bottle.
2003.11.19 Coca-Cola opened plant in Owatonna, Minnesota.
2003.12 Coca-Cola won Subway Restaurants contract from Pepsi.
2003.12.05 Sprite on Fire (ginger flavor) introduced in Hong Kong.
2003.12.06 First Coca-Cola Red Lounge opened at Westfield Hawthorne Shoppingtown in Vernon Hills, Illinois.
2003.12.07 Shaimaa El Sayed crowned Miss Coca-Cola Light 2003 in Dubai.
2003.12.12 Second Coca-Cola Red Lounge opened at Westfield Topanga Plaza in Los Angeles.
2003.12.22 Coca-Cola won title sponsor for National Football League of India.
2004.01.14 Diet Coke with Lime introduced.
2004.01.15 Vanilla Coke introduced in Malaysia.
2004.01.19 Coca-Cola launched music download site mycokemusic.com.
2004.01.28 Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co bought Gotalka's Bistra mineral water in Croatia.
2004.02.20 Coca-Cola signed Hidetoshi Nakata for social action programs in Japan.
2004.02.23 Sprite Ice introduced in Singapore.
2004.02.25 Diet Coke with Lime introduced in Canada.
2004.02.26 Sprite Ice introduced in Thailand.
2004.03.02 Coca-Cola India introduced new 600ml Coke bottle.
2004.03.17 10 million Coke can lids stolen from Coca-Cola Amatil facility in Lae, Papua New Guinea.
2004.03.17 Yo-Yo legend Jack Russell died at aget 83.
2004.03.19 Coca-Cola recalled Dasani in the UK.
2004.03.24 Quwat Jabal introduced in the UAE.
2004.04 Vanilla Coke, Sunfill Tarang and Sunfill Anand introduced in India.
2004.04.12 Lowry F Kline elected CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprise.
2004.04.12 Coca-Cola general counsel Deval Patrick resigned.
2004.04.12 Coca-Cola Great Britain launched 250ml cans in the Boots chain stores.
2004.04.21 Coca-Cola launched Body Style Water with Shiseido in Japan.
2004.05 Coca-Cola New York introduced 1.5 liter PET bottle - first in the US.
2004.05.01 Thirst Out Sprite promotion.
2004.05.19 Winning Will Find You joint promotion with Harrah's Casinos.
2004.05.24 Coca-Cola C2 introduced.
2004.06.01 Neville Isdell became 12th Chairman of the board.
2004.06.07 Coca-Cola C2 launched in Japan.
2004.06.22 Chuck Fruit named Chief Marketing Office of Coca-Cola.
2004.07.01 New Coca-Cola big screen unveiled at Times Square in New York City.
2004.07.05 Coca-Cola opened bottling plant in Mogadishu, Somalia.
2004.07.14 Coca-Cola relaunched FamilyDiner.com.
2004.07.19 Coca-Cola renewed contract with Lance Armstrong for Dasani.
2004.08 Purr-Fect Refreshment "Cat Woman" movie ad campaign in Singapore.
2004.08.20 Vanilla Coke introduced in Maldives.
2004.08.25 Coca-Cola lost Quiznos contract to Pepsi.
2004.09.13 Diet Sprite Zero replaced Diet Sprite in the US.
2004.09.30 Neville Isdell elected new chairman of the board of the American-Russian Business Council in Moscow.
2004.10.04 Coca-Cola Thailand launched Zu, a canned coffee product blended with ginseng.
2004.10.12 Coca-Cola's bottling plant in Changchun, Jilin, China, began operation.
2004.11.12 China produced its 100,000,000,000th Coca-Cola bottle since 1979.
2005.01 Make It Real
2005.01.24 Coca-Cola signed 4-year sponsor agreement for Turkish National Football Team.
2005.01.26 Coca-Cola renewed bottling and distribution agreement with F&N Malaysia for 5 years.
2005.02.07 Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda introduced in the US.
2005.02.21 Coca-Cola purchased Serbian mineral water and juice maker Vlasinka.
2005.02.25 Coca-Cola HBC acquired Russian juice maker Multon.
2005.03.01 Coca-Cola with Lime introduced.
2005.03.04 Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling opened it news center in Owatonna, Minnesota.
2005.03.07 Ionade isotonic beverage introduced in Korea.
2005.03.10 Coca-Cola Ltd introduced 237ml mini cans in Canada.
2005.04 Coca-Cola Zero samples available on eBay.
2005.04.04 Coca-Cola HBC acquired Bulgarian mineral water company Bankya.
2005.04.23 20th anniversary of the launch of New Coke.
2005.05 All Out Summer promotion.
2005.05.02 Winning Will Find You Harrah's Casino and Coca-Cola joint promotion.
2005.06 Coca-Cola Zero introduced with "Everybody Chill".
2005.06 Shizen Plus green tea introduced in Thailand.
2005.06.01 Coca-Cola Raspberry test marketed in New Zealand.
2005.06.09 Coca-Cola products became official soft drink of ESPN Zone.
2005.07.01 Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Iraq became sole distributor in Iraq.
2005.07.05 Powerade Option launched in the US.
2005.07.06 Coca-Cola India discontinued sale of Sunfill concentrates due to lower than expected demand.
2005.07.26 A World of Refreshment umbrella campaign in the United Kingdom.
2005.08.01 Coca-Cola renewed Olympic sponsorship from 2009 through 2020.
2005.08.09 Atul Singh became President of Coca-Cola India Division.
2005.08.11 Coca-Cola Amatil acquired Grinder Coffee in Melbourne, Australia.
2005.09 Coca-Cola to launch 400 Coca-Cola Stores throughout China carrying Coke Brand merchandise.
2005.09.29 Coca-Cola Lanzhou, China plant began operation.
2005.09.30 Coca-Cola Great Britain introduced aluminum Coca-Cola bottle.
2005.10.06 Wieden & Kennedy awarded ad contract for Coca-Cola North America.
2005.10.09 Coca-Cola acquired Vendit drinks and snacks vending company in Ireland.
2005.10.16 Coca-Cola Bottler in Israel acquired Israeli Winery Tavor.
2005.10.17 Waco Coca-Cola Bottling Company celectrates its 100 years.
2005.10.26 Wieden & Kennedy awarded ad contract for worlwide Coca-Cola Classic marketing.
2005.11 Give.Live.Love.Coke holiday theme.
2005.11 Fanta Zero Orange introduced in the US.
2005.11.01 Coca-Cola Great Britain launched Powerade Aqua+ for Women.
2005.11.02 Subway completed conversion to Coca-Cola products in its 12,800 restaurants.
2005.11.14 Mexican courts fined Coca-Cola and its bottlers US$69 million in anti-monopoly case.
2005.11.15 Coca-Cola 2005 Holiday Caravan tour began in Florida.
2005.11.22 FIFA signed Coca-Cola World Cup Sponsor from 2007-2014.
2005.12 Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong introduces new flavors of HealthWorks beverages.
2005.12 Winter MyCoke Film Festival 3-minute movie submission until December 31, 2005.
2005.12.04 Collectors Classic at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.
2005.12.17 Coca-Cola Singapore Heaven & Earth Memoirs of a Geisha Movie Promotion Began.
2005.12.23 Coca-Cola 2005 Holiday Caravan tour ended in Asbury, Iowa.
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