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The Coca-Cola Collectors Club was established in 1974 to promote the preservation and collection of memorabilia related to The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Collectors Club is not sponsored by, nor related to, The Coca-Cola Company and is an independent non-profit volunteer-run organization.

The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Newsletter
A monthly magazine for members
Publisher: The Coca-Cola Collector's Club
Address: PMB 609, 4780 Ashford-Dunwoody Rd Suite A, Atlanta, Georgia 30338 USA
Website: http://www.cocacolaclub.org

guan  - Canadian 1982 Diet Coca Cola Can   |2013-05-28
hi, I have a Canadian 1982 Diet Coca Cola Can, unopened, good condition, I want
to know the value on today\'s market....
cokewww  - re: Canadian 1982 Diet Coca Cola Can   |2013-05-28
guan wrote:
hi, I have a Canadian 1982 Diet Coca Cola Can, unopened, good condition, I
want to know the value on today\\'s market....

Being the first year Diet Coke is launched, there might be some
collector interest on the can.  The best place to get a value for the can
is eBay.
jeff olson  - Info   |2013-09-08
I have a coke cooler that measures 24 wide 16 high 15 deep pat # D-152580 acton
mfg co. Any info would be great Thanks jeff
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