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philg  - Help?   |2008-05-06
I'm trying to help someone find the value of a collection of 132 issues
of Coca-Cola Overseas beginning in 1948 until 1971. They were all bound by the
Coca-Cola Company and my customer is interested in donating them to a library,
but the library requires a approximate value for donation tax purposes. Would
you have any idea where I might look to find that sort of information? Thank
you for your help.
Best Regards,
tadwest  - coca cola bus bench signs   |2008-05-08
I have been trying to find out some information on some coca cola bus bench
signs I purchased about 20 years ago. They were made for the 1984 olympics and
the coca cola name is in different languages. One of the signs I have is in
japanese and the other one I haven\'t been able to find out what language it
is. Any information I can get on them would be greatly appreciated.
Pat  - Coca Cola Model-T go-cart   |2008-05-11
We have a Coca Cola model-T go-cart. It is at least 30 years old but in great
shape. It was part of a promotional prize drawing. Does anyone know what the
value of this would be and would there be any collectors interested in it?
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