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Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Producer: Yeung Kwok-Fai

Director: Stephen Chow

Description: A Coca-Cola bench is at the corner of the street as Lisa drives Gary Wallace and Wyatt to the bar.  The security guy at the the government mainframe center drinks from a 16 oz Coca-Cola styrofoam wrapped glass bottle when Gary Wallace and Wyatt attempt to create another Lisa a second time. Bret Fetzer

Coke Brands: Mighty Steel Leg buys a drink from a street vendor with an assortment of soft drinks including Coca-Cola in 200ml glass bottles.  Steel Leg visits Hooking Leg washing dishes and nearby are two red Coca-Cola crates stacked together. Before the finals, Mighty Steel Leg looks for Mui at the Sweetie's Steam Buns, large plastic bottles of Coca-Cola and Sprite are seen on the bottom shelf at the store.

Shaolin Soccer on DVD

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