Mystery Team (2009) Print

Mystery Team (2009)

Producer: Meggie McFadden

Director: Dan Eckman

Description: They were kid detectives. Now they’re eighteen and still solving child crimes. But when the Mystery Team is challenged to solve a murder, they see an opportunity to prove they’re real detectives – and to save the world of sex, crime and swear words. From Derrick Comedy, the Internet sensation whose short films have been viewed over 100 million times, comes this strangely hilarious, completely unique film that’s been called “’Encyclopedia Brown’ meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets ACE VENTURA” (

Coke Brands: The Mystery Team stand in front of a single glass door Coca-Cola merchandiser refrigerator talking to Jordy in the store.  A different view of the Coca-Cola refrigerator is seen the day after when Jordy chases the bread squeezer in the store.

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