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From the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress:

Fifty Years of Coca-Cola Television Advertisements: Highlights from the Motion Picture Archives at the Library of Congress

The online collection includes:

Time for Coke (1953)
Basketball and flying Coca-Cola bottles (1953)
Coca-Cola sign on the roadside (1953)
Grocery list and spinning carton of Coke (1953)
Walking hot dog, hamburgers, and disappearing Coca-Cola (1953)
Coca-Cola bottle with color chart (1964)
Coca-Cola bottle with three hot dogs (1964)
Coca-Cola in refrigerator (1964)
Coca-Cola with tree branch (1964)
Food still life with woman's hand (1964)
Pouring Coca-Cola bottle contents into a glass of ice (1964)
Pouring Coca-Cola can contents into a paper cup of ice (1964)
Hilltop (1971)
Mean Joe Green (1979)
Polar Bear (1993)
Snowflake (1999)
First Experience (1999)




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