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A favorite among can collectors has been the Coca-Cola Space Can from 1985. The Coca-Cola Company engineered Coke cans that can be consumed by astronauts in zero gravity. These specially designed cans were sent into space aboard NASA Space Shuttle Challenger from July 29 to August 6, 1985.  Reproductions of these cans accompanied by commemorative display plaques were produced and given to company and bottler executives.

Over the years these iconic cans have made their way into collectors' hands and it is one of the most sought after prizes.

Of all the reproductions I have seen to date, this is the only example that I have seen with multiple dents.  Despite the atrocious condition, this crushed Space Can has been offered for sale on eBay.  The can is being offered by NevermindGallery with a starting bid of $1999.95 on September 30, 2014.  After 3 days, on October 3, one bid was received.  The bidder must have a serious crush on this can.

crushed space can dented space can

Photo: NevermindGallery/eBay

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