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Coca-Cola Bottler Up For Sale in Korea Print E-mail
According to the Korea Times, Coca-Cola Korea Bottling Company (CCKBC) may be up for sale by its current owner, Sydney, Australia-based Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA). In 1998, CCA acquired CCKBC from Coca-Cola Korea, after it launched the bottling company by taking over production and sales networks from Doosan, Woosung Food and Honam Food in 1997. Coca-Cola Korea is a subsidiary of the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company. CCA is 32 percent owned by the Coca-Cola Company. Industry watchers believe the sale maybe due to the poor financial performance of CCKBC over the past two years as well as negative publicity involving tainted beverages by a blackmailer resulting in a consumer hospitalized and thousands of bottles recalled in 2006.
Source: The Korea Times
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