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Coca-Cola Japan Bottle Recall Print E-mail
Coca-Cola Japan Company (CCJ) announced today of its recall of 570,000 bottles of Coca-Cola product sold in Japan. The affected products were: Aquarius (2L), Qoo Tottemo Orange (500 mL), Coca-Cola (1.5L), Diet Coca-Cola (1.5L), Fanta Orange (1.5L) and Fanta Grape (1.5L) in PET bottles. These products were manufactured between March 26 and 30 at one of the group's factories in Shiga Prefecture, and sold in a total of 13 prefectures mainly in central and western Japan. A consumer alerted CCJ on April 27 of black powder found in a bottle of Aquarius and prompted the investigation by the company. CCJ traced the contamination caused by a malfunction in a measuring instrument in the production process.
Source: Japan Economic Newswire
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